Our Company

We are a business enterprise in the SMME sector, specialising in the manufacture of custom made screen-printed bags, sportswear and PVC welded products.

We pride ourselves in meeting our customers’ needs consistently, thereby keeping them happy. We see ourselves as an extension of our customers’ organisation – their manufacturing division. Nobody knows better than us that personal relationships are built on loyalty, trust and friendship. Our impressive record of new and repeat orders bears testimony to our success in the manufacturing field and has helped us build a loyal client base locally and internationally.

Latest Trends

With advancing technology and digital techniques, we have introduced our 3D Prototyping facility which allows us to move our customer’s ideas from concept to design with a quick turnaround and deliver these for approval as virtual showcases .Through the use of our specialised in-house Product Development team, equipped with years of technical and design experience, enables us to offer our clients new ideas for their custom-made products.

We also make it part of our business to travel the globe searching for innovative concepts from major centres to ensure that our range represents the latest global trends.

Our Commitment

Our reputation for quality, unbeatable service, timeous delivery and professionalism is due to commitment and dedication from a team of highly skilled people. Each individual has been carefully selected and is the best in their relevant fields to provide you with the best customer service available in the industry.

Our Manufacturing Process

Global Bags has a long tradition of craftsmanship and quality.

With facilities such as garment making, fabric sewing, embroidery, screen printing and PVC welding we are able to manufacture branded bags, folders, sportswear and PVC welded products for diverse markets including Sports, Travel & Tourism, Leisure, Corporate, Academics, Trade & Manufacturing and Events management.

Our manufacturing methods and techniques are closely controlled to the South African Bureau of Standards guidelines for optimal quality and productivity.