We offer a variety of in-house branding solutions to fit your design and budget needs. We also have a team of designers available to assist you in creating the right design for your end product.

digital print

This process is computer generated, very fast and accurate. It can do photo finish printing. This process is done on vinyl and banner material and put on bags and sportswear. The artwork cost is cheaper when multiple colours required.


This is a stitched process – This method is done by machine with stitches, multiple colours can be done. One artwork instead of multiple (more expensive than digital printing) but longer lasting and more executive.

heat transfer

A digital print that is printed on vinyl and transferred with heat onto the bags and sportswear. This process is cheaper, 1 artwork cost instead of multiple colours – cheaper, faster and more accurate prints.


This method requires a plate (tool) which is used by heat passing through the plate and burning on to leather. The debossing design is similar to laser printing.


Similar process to debossing but instead of doing it on leather, we use foil – silver, gold or colour. The heat presses the design on to the product.

screen printing

This process is a manual process. It requires positives, silkscreen and inks. The design is put on to screen and printed on to the substrate manually. This form of branding is cheaper if 1 or 2 colours and large quantities are requested.